James E. Smith

Jim SmitFor forty years, Jim has served the financial planning, insurance and investment advisory needs of a select group of clients, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Oregon and Washington. Prior to beginning his financial service career, Jim received his MBA from the University of California at Berkeley and his B.S. from San Jose State College in Business and lndustrial Management. While attending San Jose State, Jim was invited to join Tau Delta phi, an honorary fraternity. Although born and raised in Southern California, Jim has lived and worked in the BayArea since 1960. He says he feels more a native of the Bay Area.

Today, Jim is an independent financial planner and investment advisor representative with Gateway FinancialAdvisors, lnc. in Walnut Ceek. Cambridge lnvestment Research is his broker dealer and Registered lnvestment Advisor for compliance purposes. Cambridge is a member of the Financial lndustry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities lnvestor Protection Corp. (SIPC).

Jim's professional designations include the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). Jim served as President of the East Bay CLU & ChFC Chapter and board member for six years. Also, Jim worked on behalf of the san Francisco chamber of Commerce in various capacities for four years. His volunteer work included fund raising for the San Francisco YMCA. Recently, Jim signed up to audit another investment course at the Haas School at UC Berkeley in order to stay current with the latest academic thought and better serve his clients.

Jim has resided with his wife, June, at the crossings in Concord since the mid-1980s. Jim will tell you how fortunate he is in being married to the woman of his dreams. Moreover, June assisted Jim in his business, took care of their home and helped raise his son, James. Jim and June enjoy spending time with James and his wife, two children, and two dogs on weekends.

Jim views his business as a small exclusive club. His ideal clients are members of that club. These clients appreciate the advice he offers and are willing to act, once they are convinced it is in their best interest. Jim says "you aren't buying anything from me--you are buying into something with me. All I have of offer is my advice to help \ you accomplish your goals-personal and financial." In order to do this, he must know your values, priorities, goals and objectives, what makes you run. Without that knowledge, understanding and mutual trust, Jim will not be able to help you. With 40 years of experience in financial and estate planning, insurance and investment management, Jim believes he can help you achieve your goals.

"I am interested in 'transformational', not purely 'transactional' relationships", according to Jim. He wants you to feel that you are a better person for knowing him and that he's meant something in your life's journey. How many assets a person has accumulated isn't as important as his/her values and priorities. Is your wealth serving your life or the other way around? Concentrating on building wealth for its own sake is not fulfilling.

Jim's best clients are concemed about their legacy-to the persons (or organizations) that count in their lives-and will succeed them. Jim's efforts are focused on helping you, your family and friends accomplish their objectives. Jim will be your confidant and expects you will introduce him to these other people who are imporlant to you and would benefit from knowing him.

Gateway Financial Advisors of Northern California

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  • Our Mission: To provide superior financial services, investments and insurance planning for business owners, their key employees and successful individuals.
  • Our Goal: To help our clients create, protect and preserve their net worth through creative and cost-effective fi nancial strategies.
  • Our Promise: To listen, understand and respond to the concerns of our clients through long-term relationships.
  • Our Distinctiveness: To offer experience as strategic partners in alliances with attomeys, accountants, insurance and investment professionals to provide synergistic solutions for our clients.

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